Ethnq 100% authentic handpicked RAJMAH
Love eating “Rajmah Chawal”, then you must be knowing that the Himalayan Rajmah from Jammu Kashmir are renowned for their flavour and quality.

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Carefully Extracted
As we are promised to deliver quality we assure that the product that reaches you must have utmost quality.
Freshly Picked
The product is freshly picked by our team of experts from the source so as to overcome any contamination.
Securely Packed
Since packing plays a vital role in the shelf life of the product, we are committed for a secure packing.
Mandatory Sanitisation
Being a responsible citizen we apply a mandatory sanitation rule to our Inventory for your safety.
Ethnq 100% authentic handpicked jammu kadak chai himalaya twenty 21

Proud & Premium Chai with Jammu Flavors

The best one can get , sourced from spices handpicked within Jammu region packed in a balanced amount, thus makes this recipe a Tea lovers favorite.







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  • Super trustworthy. Order away!

    Chaitanya Chibber Avatar Chaitanya Chibber

    Product quality Packaging 😍😍😍

    priya mankotia Avatar priya mankotia

    We can say best in town Fair service products sent fresh And nice packaging Highly recommended to buy traditional products like sweets etc

    Sunni Hanafi Avatar Sunni Hanafi
  • Recieved the parcel yesterday, Love this really. Thanks for removing barriers between us and the real taste. Request to add more products on the site.

    Rahid Bashir Avatar Rahid Bashir

    Good service. Received sweets in a good packing

    Yawar Farooq Avatar Yawar Farooq

    Must buy recommended

    Nikhil Mahajan Avatar Nikhil Mahajan
  • Really very tasty patisa, good packaging and fast delivery. Appreciate your efforts in supplying the product too far in state of haryana.

    Vinod K. Vij Avatar Vinod K. Vij

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